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St. David's was founded in 1972 as Hale High School and graduated its first class in 1973. In the fall of 1990, St. Timothy's Middle School, grades 6-8, was added to the existing White Oak Road campus. By the end of the school year, the Board of Trustees voted to combine Hale High School and St. Timothy's Middle School resulting in the emergence of St. Timothy's-Hale School. With the addition of the fifth grade in 1994, the school encompassed grades 5-12. In November 2002, the Board of Trustees voted to add grades K-4 for the fall of 2003. Starting in the academic year 2003-2004, the school would offer a K-12 program, and the school changed its name to St. David's School.  Pre-Kindergarten was added in the fall of 2012, bringing us to our current PK-12 offerings.

Who is Saint David?
Recognized as the patron saint of Wales, David was the first of the saints of Britain to be formally canonized.

Born in the 6th century to a Christian family of royal lineage, David was prepared for a life of Christian leadership in his generation. After receiving a monastic education, he settled in Menevia on the west coast of Wales to teach and serve his people. At a young age, David was thrust into national leadership when he was selected to become the Archbishop of Wales, due to his eloquent defense of Christianity, his outwardly visible life of piety, and his passion to serve the Lord. During his lifetime, this future saint participated in numerous missionary journeys that took him as far as Jerusalem. He also expanded Christian education through the establishment of twelve monasteries. Furthermore, David built a chapel at Canterbury (home to the Archbishop of the Anglican Church) and unified Christians during the Celtic era to spread the Gospel into a pagan country. "In his own day, this spiritual warrior reaffirmed unity of belief and holiness of life in the midst of disruption and doubt." 

Saint David exemplified the ideals of faith, virtue, and knowledge from youth to adulthood, and thus, serves as the embodiment of what we seek in a name and mission as an Independent Episcopal school.
His life is commemorated each year in the Anglican Church calendar on March 1st, called St. David's Day. We, too, remember him in a special chapel service each year. 

St. David's Seal and Shield
Fides, Virtus, Scientia. 

These words are taken from the full Latin text of 2 Peter 1:5: "Curam omnem subinferentes ministrate in fide vestra virtutem, in virtute autem scientiam."  In English, this translates "And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge;" (KJV), thus deriving the school's motto of Faith, Virtue, Knowledge.

The white cross in the blue field represents the Faith component of the mission in a stylized version of the cross of St. David. 
The scales of justice represent Virtue. 
The two books represent Knowledge. The book facing up represents knowledge gained by general revelation and the book 
facing down represents knowledge gained by divine revelation. The open and faced down books were used by Harvard University in their crest for its first 200 years of existence to represent the dynamic relationship between reason and divine revelation. 
The bright light encompassing the seal represents the glory of the Lord (Psalm 36:9, "In thy light, we see light.").