Twenty-five to $2.5

Completing the Transformation

Welcome! We are very excited to launch this final phase of our Inspired Futures Campaign for St. David's School. We are just $2.5 million away from reaching our $15 million. Join us and help complete the transformation. Make a gift today!

Thank you!
Day 25: Recap

We hope you have enjoyed our presentation of twenty-five reasons why you should join the St. David's community and invest in our Inspired Futures campaign! Of course, we all know there are many more reasons St. David's is unique, and we hope you will continue to support our mission by making a gift to this campaign.

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Day 22: Recap

It's been another great week exploring all the ways St. David's School is special. If you missed a posting, here's your chance to catch up! And join us tomorrow for a video peek at the Modern and Classical Languages departments!

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twenty-five to $2.5